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Learn how top founders who have collectively raised over a billion fundraise by activating their social capital. You'll never default to cold-emailing ever again
Top industry founders (see below) are joining us to share their experience and invest their social capital in the startups they like
We'll provide you with the playbook, guidance and accountability groups — everything you need to succeed
The active bootcamp part goes on for about 6 weeks but you stay in the community forever
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Socap.ai is an all-in-one place to manage and grow your network on autopilot

Currently in beta, but you can get access by applying to the wait-list and participating in one of our/our partner's community initiatives
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All of your 1st and 2nd degree connections sorted by relevancy in one place
When onboarded, you'll get a full picture of your direct VC connections, direct founder connections as well as a bunch of potential intro paths.
Discover the most powerful intro paths to relevant founders and VCs
We made it super easy to collaborate — pool social capital with groups of founder friends or ask people to share their introductions for you to choose from.
Make it easy to share your social capital with others
Ever found yourself in the situation when it's hard to understand which 2-3 connections to make when people ask you for introductions. Our ML-powered relevancy matching makes it super easy.

We have already helped hundreds of Pre-Seed / Seed / Series A founders

“Perfect tool for building your network ahead of fundraising”
Vitaly Urban
“It helped me get in front of VCs and orchestrate deeper connections”
Helen Thomas
“Socap is based on a playbook that helped to raise $180M+ and it shows”
Dr. Marina Domracheva
“Easiest way for any founder to build your first warm fundraising CRM”
Misha Lyalin
“Socap.ai saves me time and money by engaging my network and finding investors”
Ilia Gindin
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Boost social capital sharing in your community

Ideal for VCs, accelerators and business clubs
We let your top portfolio founders share their stories/hacks with the rest of the founders via organized networking and social capital sharing days. Our AI facilitates the most relevant/powerful introduction requests.
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