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Boost your fundraising game with the parallel process by activating 100+ of powerful introductions from your peer network.

We'll provide you with the playbook and guidance on how to do that.
Top industry founders are going to share their hacks and invest their social capital at the Demo Day.
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Track your social capital and grow it on autopilot

Our AI and agentic workflows-powered platform is currently invite-only, but you can get access through referrals or by joining the bootcamp.
All of your 1st and 2nd degree connections sorted by relevancy in one place
When onboarded, you'll get a full picture of your direct VC connections, direct founder connections as well as a bunch of potential intro paths.
Discover the most powerful intro paths to relevant founders and VCs
We made it super easy to collaborate — pool social capital with groups of founder friends or ask people to share their introductions for you to choose from.
Make it easy to share your social capital with others
Ever found yourself in the situation when it's hard to understand which 2-3 connections to make when people ask you for introductions. Our ML-powered relevancy matching makes it super easy.
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We've already helped hundreds of Pre-Seed / Seed / Series A founders

“Perfect tool for building your network ahead of fundraising”
Socap is a great tool whether you’re a newbie to fundraising process or experienced founder who knows what to look for.
It gives me more time to prepare for meetings and knowledge how to build network instead of spending time looking for intros.
Vitaly Urban
“It helped me get in front of VCs and orchestrate deeper connections”
Socap solves the problem of professionals and entrepreneurs identifying meaningful intro paths by navigating the Gmail network. It helped me get in front of VCs through vetting to save everyone's time and orchestrate positive, deeper connections that are essential for growth and funding.
Helen Thomas
“Socap is based on a playbook that helped to raise $180M+ and it shows”
Socap utilizes proven playbook on how to prepare ahead of the future round and be bullet-proof for the roadshow in terms of your active network. 
I learned how to structure my approach and focus on connections and investors that matter.
Dr. Marina Domracheva
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We let your top portfolio founders share their stories/hacks with the rest of the founders via organized networking and social capital sharing days. Our AI facilitates the most relevant/powerful introduction requests.
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